About Us

How often do you hear, ‚ÄúThis is good for being gluten free?” Here at Cup4Cup, we want food to be tasty – without the stigma.
Developed by fine dining chefs specifically for consumers, Cup4Cup has brought families together around the dinner table, sharing one meal, once again. We believe that being gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste, quality or fun in the kitchen, and that transitioning to or maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle should be as easy and delicious as possible.

At Cup4Cup, taste, performance and quality are our top priorities. When developing our products we take care to ensure they always:
– maintain a neutral flavor
– contain only high-quality, individually-sourced ingredients
– retain texture that is light, fluffy and crispy, like wheat flour
– use specially-milled flours to avoid the grittiness often found in gluten-free products
– feel, act and perform like wheat flour

In addition, feedback from our customers is of utmost importance. Cup4Cup is constantly in development for new products to continue to deliver the ease and good taste of gluten-free foods, and we believe that hearing what our customers want and need is the best way to formulate future plans and products to accomplish our goal of keeping your kitchen healthy, nutritious and delicious.